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Welcome to CCL Design

CCL Design is among the leading international companies in the development and manufacturing of design products and innovative labelling solutions for the automotive and non-automotive area.

We turn your ideas into reality with high quality products, aligned to the objectives of aesthetics, functionality, quality and uniqueness.

Our products guarantee the most difficult material requirements with regard to approvals and durability.

Many of our patented products prove this impressively.

All locations are certified according to current international standards and thereby attest to our high quality standards.

Modern plants for the processing of diverse materials enable us to respond flexibly to needs and wishes.

Since the beginning of 2008, CCL Design GmbH has belonged to Canadian CCL Industries Inc., the world market leader for special and innovative product packaging and product labelling of consumer goods industry, as an independent company. We are represented worldwide with over 10000 employees and more than 90 production centres.

Give us your challenges.

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